Raymond Briggs’s Bogeyman takes an unexpected stroll around London

It's not every morning you share your commute with a 7ft Bogeyman...


Did you spot a 7ft Bogeyman around London this week? No, you’re not still feeling the effects of the office Christmas party, there really was a giant mechanical creature roaming the streets. 


Raymond Briggs’s character was brought to life to remind everyone he’ll be back on screen this Christmas in three-part Sky1 series Fungus the Bogeyman. 

BAFTA-nominated Timothy Spall takes on the title role, as he and his family of Bogeymen navigate our ‘above ground’ world, frightening humans along the way. Victoria Wood, Joanna Scanlan, Keeley Hawes and Marc Warren also star with Andy Serkis narrating.

It took a team of eight people approximately three weeks to create the life-like costume and it’s safe to say he stood out – even capturing the attention of a certain Denise Van Outen… 



See Fungus the Bogeyman 6pm 27th December on Sky1