What do The Sound of Music children look like now?

As ITV does The Sound of Music Live, we have a look at how the original Von Trapp youngsters have they changed in the fifty years since the film was released...


The Sound of Music is on at 7.30am on ITV on Sunday 20th December


Now 72, Carr played the eldest von Trapp daughter and  has published two books about her experience making the film: Forever Liesl and Letters To Liesl. She lives in California and says she considers the six other Von Trapp children her “second family.”

Karath, who played the baby of the family, went on to act in US TV shows including The Brady Bunch but then stopped acting for a while when she had her son. She now runs the Aurelia Foundation, which provides services for special-needs teenagers once they finish secondary school. 

Menzies kept acting after The Sound of Music and married actor Robert Urich. Now, at 65, Menzies runs a charity to raise money to fight Sarcoma, the rare form of cancer her husband died of in 2002. 

Cartwright went on to star in the TV series Lost in Space after playing Brigitta and now, 62, works as a photographer in Los Angeles.

Hammond, who portrayed the eldest von Trapp son, kept acting after The Sound of Music, with parts in 70s CBS hit The Amazing Spiderman, The Love Boat and Dallas. Now 64, he lives in Australia and works as an actor, writer and director. He has said that he had a crush on Liesl but he was only 13 while she was in her 20s, so a romance was off the table.

Turner, 58, left acting altogether and is now married, has four daughters and owns a floral business in Minnesota.


Chase kept acting into his teens but then went on to work as a software engineer. He lives near Seattle with his wife and their two cats.