Darth Vader helps tell husband he is the father (of wife’s new baby)

Search your feelings, you know this to be adorable


If there’s one thing Star Wars is about (other than lightsabers) it’s family, and the Skywalkers certainly know the importance of parenting. Perhaps that’s why Darth Vader was so keen to help this wife break the news she was pregnant to her husband.


The cute couple are Bryan and Taylor Starr, and they were taking a trip back to Disney World in Florida, where they had their honeymoon three years ago.

As she explained: “He’s a huge Star Wars fan, so I knew characters from these amazing films had to be involved with the announcement…[an attendant] went off to check with the Star Wars cast and came back saying that they were going to take time out of their lunch to make my dream come true!”


You’ll notice Darth Vader is conspicuously quiet in the video. Presumably inside that helmet, he’s too choked up to talk.