Emmerdale: Chas to kiss ex-husband Gordon

But will an angry Aaron find out about what's going on?

There will be mixed reactions to Gordon Livesy’s reappearance in Emmerdale over the next week. Aaron is outraged and cannot forgive his dad for abandoning him. But – as these new images released by ITV highlight – it seems that no bad blood remains between Chas and her ex-husband!


Scenes to be shown on New Year’s Day will see Chas fake a hangover so that she can meet up with Gordon, but is left shocked by what he tells her. The pair then share their experiences about life after split, but is Gordon being completely honest?

Well, whatever the truth of the matter, Chas certainly surprises herself when she leans in for a kiss with Gordon. But how would Aaron react if he found out that his mum had been seeing his dad?

Watch a 60-second rundown of Christmas and New Year on Emmerdale below.


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