Macaulay Culkin reprises Home Alone’s Kevin McAllister 25 years on – and he’s still horribly traumatised

Turns out Kevin has never forgiven his parents for leaving him at home for Christmas


Ever wondered what happened to that lovely young abandoned boy Kevin in Home Alone? Did he get over the trauma of being left alone not once but twice by his terrible, terrible parents? Well, no.


At least, not according to new comedy web series :DRYVRS, in which actor Macaulay Culkin plays an adult version of his Home Alone character.

Still coming to terms with his childhood, he arrives to give series creator and musician Jack Dishel a lift – and immediately unloads all his pent-up feelings in a brilliantly awkward carpool.

“I still have nightmares about this bald weirdo dude chasing me around, talking like Yosemite Sam,” Culkin says.


Watch the episode below (warning, strong language from the start).