Christmas 2015: best TV on today, Monday 28th December

Today's post-Christmas delights include the final part of And Then There Were None and Michael Palin's Quest for Artemisia


A Frozen Christmas, 7:05pm, Channel 4


Can you believe that people would pay anything up to tens of thousands of pounds for something that eventually ends up as water again? Customers request sculptures from the Statue of Liberty to dolphins and brides and grooms. The logistics of transporting these sculptures are, as you can imagine, a nightmare. This film shows the lengths people go to just to have a bit of icy class at their events. 

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, 8:00pm, BBC4

Consultant anaesthetist and physiology lecturer Kevin Fong delivers three talks on one of his specialist areas: what exactly happens to the body when it’s fired into orbit? Expect information on the effects on an astronaut’s health if they forgot their spacesuit (not that it’s likely) and a guest star in the form of British astronaut Tim Peake (currently residing inside the International Space Station).

Miranda: The Final Curtain, 8:30pm, BBC1

In the final ever episode of the show (repeated from last year), Miranda makes one last attempt to accept herself and find contentment in her life. Will she get her happily ever after? One thing’s for sure, there’ll be tears.

Michael Palin’s Quest for Artemisia, 9:00pm, BBC4

The Monty Python star explores the life and paintings of Italian artist Artemisia Gentileschi. With a horrific back story – motherless at the age of 12, she was raped by her art teacher and then forced through the long trial brought against her rapist by her father – Artemisia is now regarded as one of the key Italian 17th century artists for her paintings of wronged women of history and myth. 

John Bishop’s Gorilla Adventure, 9:00pm, ITV

The Scouse comedian is fascinated by the great silverback gorillas in this show. They are one of the planet’s most endangered animals, with just under 900 of them left on Earth. “Don’t run”, the Gorilla Doctors of Rwanda warn Bishop when facing them. There’s no chance of that happening, he is transfixed by them.

And Then There Were None, 9:05pm, BBC1


In the final instalment of this thrilling murder mystery, the killer is continuing to do away with what’s left of the group, one by one. There is no detective to solve this crime, however – Agatha Christie left the honour of solving the crime down to the characters. Can they find out who the culprit is before it’s too late? And what does the Ten Little Soldiers rhyme pinned in everyone’s room mean?