Weather forecaster manages to squeeze 10 Star Wars puns into one 40 second bulletin

Sian Welby kept a straight face throughout as she managed to cram masses of intergalactic wordplay into her report

Bravo Channel 5, bravo! We counted ten Star Wars puns in under 40 seconds in Sian Welby’s weather report on 5 News, all delivered in impressively deadpan style without a wink or a nudge in sight.


True, the wordplay varies in quality, ranging from the excellent “A Leia of cloud covering the UK” and “If you’re forced to awaken early tomorrow morning it will be on the dark side” to the groansome “If you Luke father west you will be seeing a glimmer of sunshine – if you’re Wookie” but you certainly have to admire the effort.

Also spotted: “There will be a fairly light breeze – the force is strong, though, for northern Scotland. And tonight the weather strikes back“, “Don’t be a trooper, please take care on the roads” and “Far, far away towards the south east of England there’s a new hope for some sunshine.”


But no reference to a Rey of sunshine? Yoda thought they’d have spotted that one…