Michael Dorn wants to kill Wil Wheaton on The Big Bang Theory

The Ted 2 actor and hilarious Klingon has a very interesting plot idea...

Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation was the ultimate straight man, the Klingon who never quite seemed to be in on the joke.


“The reason that Worf was very funny, and it played into what I like about British comedy, is he didn’t think he was funny,” actor Michael Dorn, who recently stretched his funny bone in Ted 2, explains to RadioTimes.com. 

Far from the gruff security officer, Dorn is a child of British comedy from Monty Python (“that’s where it all starts, instead of Genesis you’ve got Python”) to Rising Damp, Fawlty Towers and Yes, Minister. 

“Me and Marina [Sirtis], who’s a Brit, would watch the show and critique it every day – ‘Oh my God, did you see that?’” 

Dorn had great fun sending up his old role in Seth MacFarlane’s teddy bear romp (we won’t ruin the gag, as it’s brilliant) but what about a more permanent comedic job? His former Enterprise crewmates Wil Wheaton, LeVar Burton and Brent Spiner have all shown up in the Big Bang Theory, with Wheaton playing Sheldon’s arch nemesis. Would Dorn ever want to make an appearance?

“You know what? Actually…no.” 


“I like the Big Bang Theory, it’s a funny show, but they’ve had too many of us on right now. I think one more would be, as they say in this country, jumping the shark.”

Fair enough, but Dorn then tantalised us with a frankly brilliant storyline for an episode.

“I had an idea, when Will was first on the show, which I didn’t have a chance to pitch to them. The idea is that [the gang] hate Will so much that Sheldon, who thinks I really am Worf, hires me to kill him.”

Worf hunting down and assassinating Wesley Crusher? Oh please, please make it so.


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