Tina Fey is the family agony aunt you never knew you needed

Sisterly squabbles, as solved by Tina Fey

If only we all had Tina Fey as an on-call agony aunt. Her stint in Mean Girls as Ms Norbury has already proved she’s a dab hand at problem solving – so sticking with the theme of her new film Sisters, we thought we’d get her and screenwriter Paula Pell to offer advice on some real-life sibling squabbles. 


But these aren’t the sort of friendly sisterly practical jokes you might be used to – we’re not talking tugs of war over TV remotes or hiding your older sibling’s favourite dress. Think freezing ice water, horrible spicy concoctions… and skid marks. These sisters do NOT play nice – so we asked, #WhatWouldTinaDo? 

Click play on the video above to find out.


Sisters is out in UK cinemas now