James Naughtie bids a “weepy” farewell to the Today programme

The broadcaster has presented his final edition of the flagship Radio 4 show as he steps down after 21 years

James Naughtie stepped down from the Today programme this morning, presenting his final edition of the current affairs programme. The broadcaster, who is leaving the show to be a special correspondent for Radio 4, used his final moments on the programme to pay tribute to his colleagues.


“You do get to know someone at four o’clock in the morning, It’s just one of the great privileges.

“At 21 years, it comes to this for me. In a way nothing changes, the programme goes on. But it’s inescapably a moment of change because you cannot sit in this chair, working with such talented and decent producers, without being woven into the fabric of the place as I am, with all the presenters down the years.”

The edition ended with a montage of Naughtie’s most memorable broadcasting moments, including talking to John Major about the idea of leaving the EU, an interview with Ringo Starr, after which he said “it’s taken me fifty years plus to get round to interviewing a Beatle”, and chats with Alan Bennett, Judi Dench and many more. 


 Naughtie sent this message of thanks to viewers.