Gogglebox’s Sandra is leaving Brixton

Sandra is moving house, but at least she'll still be on Gogglebox


Brixton is in mourning this morning: Sandra from Gogglebox is moving house.


The Gogglebox star tweeted a picture of her TV and sofa-free room just before shipping up and moving north – well, north London.

At least she’ll be closer to her best friend and fellow Goggleboxer Sandi, but her show intro is going to need an edit.

Channel 4 confirm that her house move won’t stop her featuring when the series returns next year. In fact, a show insider tells us that Sandra’s actually moved already during the show’s run. Did anyone notice her Last Supper painting had moved?

The last episode of this series’ run of Gogglebox airs Friday 18th December, but the show will be back for a 2015 ‘Best of’ episode on Monday 28th December at 9pm.


Oh, and there’s a festive spin-off edition featuring kids at 8pm on Christmas Day.