EastEnders at Christmas: Denny is put in grave danger when he tells Bobby – “You killed Lucy!”

Will Denny lose his life after revealing the shock truth?

Bobby Beale is to finally discover that he was responsible for Lucy’s death after Denny Rickman lets slip the killer secret this Christmas.


After Denny overhears Phil and Sharon discussing Bobby’s guilt, he wastes no time in passing on the information – but is he putting his own life at risk in the process?

Dramatic scenes to be broadcast over the festive season will see Bobby told the truth when he and Denny take a bike ride together. But when Bobby returns to the Beale house on his own, Sharon loses her temper with him, fearing that something terrible has happened to her son.

In the end, it’s left to Phil and Ian to track Denny down – and their search takes them to Walford Common, the same location where Jane left Lucy’s body over Easter 2014.

After locating a scratched and bedraggled Denny, the trio head back to Albert Square in Phil’s car. But when an argument breaks out in the vehicle after Ian challenges Denny about what exactly he said to Bobby, a distracted Phil ends up crashing.

In the aftermath of the smash-up, viewers will be left wondering whether Denny will survive after he’s transported to hospital. With EastEnders having already stated that this Christmas will be one character’s last, it’s certainly looking bleak for Sharon’s boy.

Speaking about the fact that it’s taken nearly two years for Bobby to discover that he killed his sister (fans of the BBC1 soap found out in February this year), actress Laurie Brett – who plays Jane Beale – said:

“The art of storytelling is long term and you can’t have everything instantly. We’re a television programme and you’re seeing this family go through this maze of issues. It takes time. But part of the conclusion does come at Christmas.

“Bobby is told by Denny that the killed Lucy. That starts another ball rolling and there’s going to be a lot of emotional fallout for everyone involved. But you wouldn’t feel it as much if it hadn’t taken so long to get there.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of Christmas and New Year on EastEnders below.


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