John Humphrys sees Star Wars for the very first time

Seen it the Radio 4 presenter finally has. Not impressed is he

This is 72-year-old Radio 4 broadcaster John Humphrys watching Star Wars for the very first time.


The BBC could at least have given him a bigger screen.

First impressions? “Rubbish”.

Oh Radio 4, this isn’t the journalism you were looking for.

“I’m disposed not to like it,” he said on air Tuesday 15th December. “The hype has been so massive and so successful that I’m instantly suspicious of it.”

This is the original Star Wars he’s watching of course, not The Force Awakens, which means he comes face to face with Darth Vader for the first time too.

“He’s pretty scary I’ll grant you that,” he said. Ah, but how would the Sith Lord handle a ten past eight interview slot with Grand Inquisitor Humphrys?

So, final thoughts? “Not sure I see the point of it really,” he said. “Although having said that, any film that spawns a religion, and millions of people say they’re Jedi knights or whatever it is, has to have something about it. Question is whether we need six or seven or eight or 25 of them… God help us.”


Somebody give the man an Ewok to cuddle.