First Eddie the Eagle trailer sees Taron Egerton flying high

Can Hugh Jackman whip the incompetent athlete into shape?

Move over, Cool Runnings – there’s a new Winter Olympics underdog in town.


Yes, this is the first trailer for Eddie the Eagle, the long-gestating biopic of ridiculed British Olympian Eddie ‘ The Eagle’ Edwards that previously almost starred Rupert Grint or Steve Coogan, but now has Taron Egerton in the central role alongside Hugh Jackman as his trainer.

Competing at the 1988 Winter Olympics, Edwards became the first competitor to represent Great Britain in ski jumping, despite having very little training or funding, as well as being short sighted.

Eventually finishing last, Edwards became a cult figure thanks to his resilience and good humour, though the Olympic committee later strengthened entry requirements so that nobody could follow his example.

In other words, it’s a classic sports movie: plucky outsider takes on snobby sports people, except this time he doesn’t actually win anything. Much more British, then.


Eddie the Eagle will be released on 1 April 2016