Did River Song drop a spoiler for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special in The Pandorica Opens?

Was the boyfriend with the "swappable head" the same one she married in The Husbands of River Song?

Has River Song – self-styled defender against spoilers – let one slip herself?


Not a big spoiler but after River is rescued from the exploding Tardis and finds out Rory is plastic she comments she had a boyfriend with a swappable head, like what we are seeing in the Xmas special trailer. I wonder if they are one in the same?

Yes, reddit user Brianthelion83 has spotted that, in series five episode The Pandorica Opens, River made reference to dating someone with a “swappable head”. And a look at the trailer for this year’s Christmas special reminds us that her latest husband, King Hydroflax (Greg Davies), also has a removable bonce.

Pause the trailer at around the 22-second mark and you’ll even see what looks like guest-star Matt Lucas’s head in its place on top of that giant red robot body, which means “swappable” is certainly a word that could be applied to River’s latest love interest too.

So, did she go on to marry that original boyfriend, and will we be meeting him this Christmas in The Husbands of River Song? Well, probably not…

You see, River also happened to mention in Pandorica that the boyfriend in question was “a Nestene duplicate”, which basically means an Auton – a plastic humanoid and, sadly, not a human head on top of a giant robot body.


One thing is for sure though, that River Song definitely gets about…