Christopher Eccleston joins Peter Capaldi in paying tribute to sick Doctor Who fan

The Ninth and Twelfth Doctors have united to cheer up a 14-year-old Whovian

Christopher Eccleston is on a video roll. Just yesterday he delivered the best “congratulations on your birthday” message any Whovian could hope to receive, and now he’s already made another personal message for 14-year-old hospital-bound fan Danny.


Having missed the Doctor Who festival due to illness, Danny had become the subject of an online campaign called #drwhodaniel and received a visit from an in-character Peter Capaldi – but with Eccleston now joining in, he’s really hoovering up his Time Lords.

Speaking in character as the Ninth Doctor Eccleston paid tribute to Danny, apologizing for not sending him a sonic screwdriver (which you can blame David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi for apparently) and overall being a lovely guy.


We’re betting it won’t be long until a few other actors are sending their regards…