The Apprentice’s Sam and Elle release Snottydink follow up book Gobble Gruff

Fresh from the success of the children's book they made on task, Lord Sugar's former candidates team up for a new festive story


Former Apprentice candidates Sam Curry and Elle Stevenson have – as promised – written a brand new children’s book together: Gobble Gruff. 


It comes hot on the heels of their book Snottydink, which they produced while on task for Lord Sugar. 

While their team did actually lose the children’s book writing task, the book has gone on to prove really rather popular, selling out in Foyle’s book shop and going for as much as £70 on eBay. Sam himself joked his team would have fared far better had the online retailer been available to them in the pitch. 

Part ogre, part cat, Gobble Gruff tells the story of an oversized beast who lives in a magical forest surrounded by friends and family who are a fraction of his size.

Dominic Trevett, the same artist who drew Snottydink’s original illustrations, put pen to paper to create the new creature, animating Gobble Gruff through snowball fights, ice-skates and a special visit from Father Christmas.

“Just as we did with our first book, both Elle and I wanted Gobble Gruff to convey an important moral about acceptance” Sam said of the new story. “We worked hard to create something magical that children and parents alike could enjoy this festive season,” added Elle.

Sam told that their books would always include long words, despite Lord Sugar’s criticism, and their target audience of 3 to 5-year-olds can expect to find words including ‘sculpture’, ‘steed’ and ‘technique’ in amongst the rhymes to “to stretch a child’s vocabulary and imagination”. 


A strictly limited run of paperback copies, priced at £5.99, will be available on Amazon from Wednesday 16th December.