Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor performs Peter Capaldi’s iconic anti-war speech from The Zygon Inversion

Paul McGann takes on the Twelfth Doctor's biggest moment so far at a convention

The Twelfth Doctor’s anti-war speech from The Zygon Inversion has already become one of Doctor Who’s most iconic moments; a powerful, ferocious ten-minute monologue that firmly established Peter Capaldi as a force to be reckoned with. It’s become such a defining moment, in fact, that other Doctors are now being asked to perform it. 


At a Q&A session at Megacon, Orlando, a fan handed the speech to the Eighth Doctor himself, Paul McGann, who proceeded to put his own spin on the scene. 

It’s certainly a lot less shouty than Capaldi’s original. This, we imagine, has a lot to do with McGann performing the script blind – he hadn’t even seen The Zygon Inversion. But that does mean we get more of a reserved take, which certainly fits with the Eighth Doctor’s Big Finish run – and, of course, The Night of the Doctor. Here’s how it compares to the original.  


This is not the first time a former Doctor has been asked to read out another incarnation’s speech. Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor had his big moment with the speech from The Pandorica Opens, which Sylvester McCoy – the Seventh Doctor – was asked to perform at DragonCon in 2011. It was pretty awesome – and even better when set to music.