Star Wars premiere is “bigger than the Oscars”

Four blocks have been closed off as preparations get under way for the most hotly anticipated comeback of the year


As Star Wars fans continue to queue outside Hollywood’s famous Chinese Theatre cinema with nearly a week still to go until they finally get a chance to see The Force Awakens, preparations are under way for Monday night’s rather more exclusive premiere, with four blocks of Hollywood Boulevard cordoned off as the colossal tent that will house the event is constructed.


“This is definitely bigger than the Oscars,” one production manager told The Hollywood Reporter, who say only one block of the iconic street is usually shut down for the annual Academy Awards.


Despite the wait for fans, who will not get to see the movie until 17th December, it sounds like a fun place to hang out, with everyone getting into the Star Wars spirit. Balloon benders are creating inflatable lightsabers while guitarists strum the theme tune, says THR, while on Friday night Lucasfilm handed out free pizza to those in the queue.