Now you can print your own 3D lightsaber

Although, clearly you will need access to a 3D printer

You can buy some pretty good replica lightsabers these days but if you like a bit of a project you could always construct your own by printing out the pieces from a blueprint by designer Jacky (Obi?) Wan.


Jacky’s lightsaber comes in several parts that fit together, meaning a better quality print as well as greater ease of painting (because you don’t need to use masking tape if you paint the different segments prior to assembly).

Take a look at how it’s done in the Tested YouTube video below.

Of course, you will need a 3D printer to be able to make your lightsaber. Maybe you could print one…?


Here’s Jacky’s blog post with more details and tips about printing the design, and here’s his tutorial on how to paint your lightsaber to get an authentic aged look.