14 brilliant Easter eggs you might have missed in Doctor Who series 9

Did you spot these hidden gems dotted throughout the Twelfth Time Lord's second series of adventures in space and time?


Saturday should mean Doctor Who but now that series nine is over there’s no more new Who due on our TV screens until Christmas Day – of course, that doesn’t mean there’s no fun to be had.


In fact, there’s never been a better time to look back over the last few months, rate all of the episodes from the series, and remember just how clever the little sci-fi show can be.

Take these excellent Easter eggs dotted about this year’s series, for instance…

Star Trek boldly went Under the Lake

From the Starfleet uniforms in the mural on the wall, to the shuttle-like spaceship and design of the whole underwater base, Under the Lake was basically an homage to the sci-fi classic.

And the nod to the Starship Enterprise (above) was particularly clever.

The Doctor apologised to Sarah Jane

*sobs* It was SOUTH CROYDON

The Doctor FINALLY apologised for abandoning his companion in the wrong city.

Star Wars made an appearance Before The Flood

May the remorse be with you too, undertaker Prentis. Pity the poor alien didn’t live to share more of his brilliant business cards after those nasty dealings with the Fisher King.

The Clockwork Squirrel had a whirl on The Doctor’s Magpie amp

In Under the Lake, Clara mentioned that the Doctor had dismantled the TARDIS radio to make a clockwork squirrel and in Before the Flood, up he popped.

And he WOULD be sitting atop a Magpie Electronics original…

The Face of Boe met The Woman Who Lived

Ashildr asked if she’d ever meet Jack Harkness, but she basically already had.

If you believed Jack was the Face of Boe anyway. Actor Struan Rodger, who played her manservant, was the original voice of the Face of Boe.

Five Doctors popped up in the Zygon Invasion

Did you manage to spot them all?

One was hiding on a UNIT safe house wall, and the rest were dotted throughout the episode, which saw The Doctor and Osgood joining forces once again.

James Bond joined the Zygon Inversion

At least that’s what it felt like when The Doctor channelled Roger Moore with that parachute.

Torchwood Faced the Raven

Did someone say they were Retconned on the Trap Street that was home to Me and her alien refugees?

We’ve heard that one somewhere before, haven’t we Captain Jack?

And Star Wars, Back to the Future and Doctor Who met for the BEST Easter egg of all time

Who doesn’t love a bit of obscure Star Wars writing on the wall in the back of a scene?

Especially when that writing actually spells out something VERY interesting indeed when it’s translated.

The writing was on the wall in Heaven Sent too

Yep, there was another hidden message scribbled on the wall of the mysterious mechanical castle prison.

We’ve ZOOMED IN so you can see that the Doctor’s opening monologue was right there, if you wanted to recite it with him.

And when the Doctor came home, he took a familiar route…

Now, where have we heard THAT one before?

…before telling the truth about Missy’s lies in Hell Bent

You might remember Missy telling Clara three things about the Doctor when asked when she’d started caring for him: “Since always. Since the Cloister Wars. Since the night he stole the moon and the President’s wife. Since he was a little girl. One of those was a lie – can you guess which one?”

During their time in the Cloisters in Hell Bent, the Doctor tells Clara that the claim he “stole the moon and the president’s wife” is utter rubbish, meaning that if we’re to believe Missy was only telling ONE lie, the Doctor was, in fact, once a little girl.

Mystery solved. Maybe.

That second TARDIS that looked a LOT like the very first

What an homage to days gone by, eh?

Even if the colour scheme was a little off.

And finally, that very important song played in a very important diner…

We can’t fail to mention how wonderful it is to be back in that fateful diner, first frequented by Matt Smith’s Eleven.

But could Don’t Stop Me Now hint that we haven’t seen the last of Clara Oswald just yet? It wouldn’t be the first time

Honourable Mention: Leandro the Bread Lion

Because even The Doctor loves a nod to The Great British Bake Off.


Doctor Who returns to TV screens on Christmas Day at 5:15pm on BBC1