Ricky Gervais reveals plot details of the David Brent movie

The former boss of The Office is still touring that Freelove Freeway


Last we saw David Brent, the fist-chewingly awkward boss in The Office, he had left Wernham Hogg. The former paper-supremo was making his living as a salesman, driving up and down the hot-love highway as a sales rep/aspiring pop star. 


The upcoming film Life on the Road will pick up with Brent’s story now, and Ricky Gervais has revealed fresh details of what the Brent-meister general has been up to in the interim.

He’s continued on that path. He’s still a sales rep, and he’s still wasting all his hard-earned money on trying to become a rock star. He works for the Slough-based company ‘Lavichem’, distributing cleaning products up and down the country.  

An honest living, but not quite the lifestyle Brent dreamed of. But no worries, the former-manager is destined for greater things…

But he wants to leave all that behind and get an album deal. He’s taken all his holiday leave, cashed in a pension, and put together a group of top session musicians, (Foregone Conclusion, Mark II). Now he’s off on a live tour with the aim of getting a record company to sign him.

Easy, right? 

Sounds like it’s going to be a mixture of hilarious and heartbreaking, but then that is Brent’s MO. After all, if you don’t know him by now…


Life on the Road is released August 19th 2016 in the UK