Does this explain why wizards wear robes in Harry Potter?

Did Mad-Eye Moody reveal the reason for the wizarding world's flowing black robes?

Why do wizards wear robes? We can’t pretend it’s a question we’ve asked ourselves over and over, but when you come to think of it, why do members of the wizarding world choose to wear black, flowing garments?


Is it to jazz up their jeans and t-shirts? Is it so they can run along cobbled streets, swirling their robes around them, cackling wickedly? (Nope? Just us?) Are they there to make a statement – like Professor Snape hurtling into the potions classroom at breakneck speed, his robes streaming behind him?

Or do they serve an actual purpose, as revealed by Mad-Eye Moody in The Order of the Phoenix?


Elementary wand safety? Who knew. But it makes perfect sense – after all, no one wants to lose their buttocks.