BB-8 meeting a hedgehog is like an absurdly cute Star Wars episode of The Clangers

The little astromech droid is the star of his own online mini-series, and meets a hedgehog on his adventures

BB-8 is fast becoming everyone’s favourite Star Wars droid (we still love you R2-D2) so it’s little wonder, then, that he’s already been given his own miniseries on YouTube.


Sphero has dreamed up a series of new adventures for a teeny tiny version of the curious little mechanical creation, one of which involves a hedgehog – who reminds us of a confused Clanger when BB-8 starts speaking to it.

It’s a long way from a Soup Dragon we’ve come, eh?

BB-8’s other adorable adventures involve a marble, a leaf and a record player.

He certainly seems to be having a ball.


Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens opens in UK cinemas on December 17th