What you thought of the London Spy finale

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that BBC2's spy thriller was divisive

If there was a Bafta for the most Marmite drama of 2015, London Spy has it sewn up already.


The spy thriller/relationship drama starring Ben Whishaw and Jim Broadbent sucked viewers in to its double-crossing metropolis – and then spat some people straight back out.

So when we asked what you really thought of the series after Monday night’s finale (thanks to Alex, we know when you’re lying), the response was predictably unpredictable.

Did the story of Danny’s conspiratorial lover draw you in, or did London Spy in the end just not add up? Here are some of the best reader reactions from RadioTimes.com.

“Thought-provoking and at times frightening” – Pamela King 

Tense, gripping, well acted throughout, thought-provoking and at times frightening. If you believe in Secret Spy Networks, even plausible! The end was going to be very difficult to live up to the rest, yet it was plausible – and the “lying” element was well thought-out, a true wind up.

“How could they speak so much and say so very very little?” – Kirsten Littlewood

“Just completely flat… mellifluous script, used atmosphere to attempt to create intrigue where scriptwriting failed, barely joined by tenuous wisps of theory – when anything was joined up at all. Honestly, how could they speak so much and say so very very little?”

“A tremendous series” – Sue Stevenson

“A tremendous series that left me thinking that something positive might come out of the relationship between Danny and Frances. Another series might be good to witness the great acting of Ben Whishaw, but I feel that, as it is, it left you thinking that there might be an outcome to bring justice.”

“Slow and stuffed with cliché” – Jim Holland

“Clearly spent all the budget on actors. Script utter rubbish. Slow and stuffed with cliche. Will certainly not watch any second series if the BBC are crazy enough to commission one.”

“A heavy, heart-wrenching final episode” – Brian Farrington

“Brilliant series, amazing acting, great script and beautifully filmed. Such a heavy, heart-wrenching final episode, but it was perfect! I have to ask why all the haters in these comments bothered watching beyond the first episode of they found it so dull (or even if they did at all)? I loved it.”

“Utter twaddle – but it looked brilliant” – Julie Bezant

“A dull stone shone up to look like a diamond. It was utter twaddle but looked brilliant. I only watched it because Wishaw was in it, but I didn’t find him that convincing. Jim Broadbent on the other hand did a fantastic job with some really awkward speeches.”


“What a waste of two brilliant actors” – Kate Murrell

Beautiful and atmospheric drama for first two episodes which degenerated into a ridiculous and totally unconvincing yarn. I thought it was too good to be true! What a waste of two brilliant actors. It could almost have been written by two different people. Disappointing. Please do not make a second series. That would be just too cruel!