How to build a Tardis from Doctor Who in just one minute

Will this time-lapse video inspire you to make your own time machine?

According to the Doctor, Tardises aren’t made, they’re grown. If that’s true, how does he explain all of these burly men beavering away in tank tops?


This fun video shows how a Tardis is built on location. In this case it’s the beautiful graffitied version seen in Face the Raven and Hell Bent. Knowing the nature of Doctor Who merchandise, we presume you will be able to buy a toy version before very long, but in case you want to have a crack at making your own, here are the instructions…

It’s almost as impressive as our own attempt.


Doctor Who Tardis Lego set built in 3 minutes

Watch the #DoctorWho Tardis #Lego set be built in 3 minutes…

Posted by Radio Times on Friday, November 6, 2015