Did Professor Snape kill Hedwig to save Harry Potter’s life?

It's a tough Potter moment to remember, but could there have been more to Hedwig's demise than we realised?

Remember the heartbreaking moment that Death Eater’s curse, intended for Hagrid and Harry, hit Hedwig in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows?


Who could forget it. On the fateful night the Boy Who Lived made a break for The Burrow, Voldemort and his pals set upon the Order of The Phoenix with murderous intent and as Hedwig tried to defend her beloved owner, she was struck down by a mystery assailant’s stray Killing Curse.

But what if Hedwig’s death wasn’t an accident. What if someone targeted the snowy owl? And what if that someone was Severus Snape?

That’s the question posed in a fan theory, posted on Tumblr for all the wizarding world to mull over.

Let’s consider what we know. Snape was a double agent, working for Dumbledore and co. because he loved Lily Evans/Potter and was willing to do anything to keep her son alive.

Even if that meant killing the creature that would mark him out as the REAL Harry Potter, hidden among the decoy Harrys who’d adopted his guise thanks to some Polyjuice Potion.

Hedwig gave the game away while trying to keep the real Harry safe, so what if that left Snape no option but to kill her in order to make sure The Chosen One got to the Weasley homestead unharmed?


We wouldn’t put it past him – would you?