Neighbours: Paige is kidnapped, while Terese is shocked when she finds a photo of herself in Shayʼs bag

14-18 December 2015: Plus a custody battle threatens to tear Ramsay Street apart. And Belinda issues a chilling warning to Toadie and Sonya

Monday 14 December


Josh is evasive when Amber asks him what has been troubling him, and is visibly disturbed when he finds out that Aaron is searching for the driver who ran Paul and Steph off the road. Terese confronts Shay when she finds her with personnel files of Lassiterʼs staff and is stunned to see an old photo of herself in Shayʼs bag. After getting confirmation from the bank that she can get a loan to buy her house, Sheila prepares her spare room for a guest.

Tuesday 15 December

Josh is shocked when he finds out that Amber has applied for a job in Queensland. Steph suspects that Josh was the driver of the car in the accident, but when Doug finds out, he confesses that he was behind the wheel. Sheilaʼs house guest Indiana helps to bring her closer to Kyle and Amy. Paige is surprised to find Michelle in her house, and while waiting for Mark the pair have a heart-to-heart.

Wednesday 16 December

When Josh tells Brad about Amberʼs plan to move away for work, he threatens legal action. Once Josh and Amber sit down and discuss the proposed move in more detail, however, Josh starts to see the benefits. Tyler is hopeful of a Christmas Day tryst with Indiana but he struggles to get any time alone with her. Somebody breaks into the Turner house and leaves a threatening note for Lou.

Thursday 17 December

Toadie thinks that Belinda is trying to push her way back into Stephʼs life. Belinda accuses him of reporting her relationship with Steph to the hospital. Lou comes up with a daring plan to unmask his stalker by faking his own death. During the service his pursuer finally reveals himself, but he is not a member of the drug cartel. When Sue Parker complains about her townhouse, Daniel is confused when Paul tells him to upgrade her at no charge.


Friday 18 December

With the police and creditors closing in on him, Paul fights hard to stop the investigation into his bribing the council. The bank sells Lassiterʼs and the penthouse from under him, and Paul is escorted out by police. Toadie and Steph are unaware that Belinda has taken a job at the hospital and is going to be the nurse in charge of his risky operation. Paige ignores Markʼs advice to stay away from Michelle and meets her in secret.