Life’s a stage as new Celebrity Big Brother theme revealed

CBB becomes a vaudeville show

Ladies and gentlemen! For your especial entertainment, may we present, the new Big Brother theme!  CBB this year will take celebrities back to the golden age of vaudeville theatres.


The house will now take the form of an opulent theatre with, according to the press release, “a majestic staircase, leading to glamorous rooms made up of rich opulent textures and packed with intriguing curiosities.”

That’s a tautology CBB, but something even darker than grammar is waiting in the wings. Outside, the garden has been transformed into the foggy streets of Whitechapel, Jack the Ripper’s stalking ground. In the corner will be a “Victorian pub snug” for conspiracies and “backstage backstabbing.”

Some familiar faces will be treading the boards this January, with Emma Willis presenting the live launch show and Rylan returning for Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On the Side. 


Life’s a stage, as they say. Who will take the final curtain call is up to you.