Coronation Street: Carla to sleep with Robert over Christmas! “She hits self-destruct,” says Alison King

The shock that Johnny is her dad sends a boozy Carla spinning into the arms of Robert

Carla Connor (Alison King) is to hit destruct this Christmas when she has a one-night stand with Robert Preston.


Carla will go on a booze and gambling bender over the festive season after learning the shock news that Johnny Connor is her father. And the evening spent drowning her sorrows will end with her in bed with Tracy’s boyfriend!

On the topic of the surprise paternity revelation, actress Alison King says: “It really sends Carla into a tailspin. It’s life changing and it makes her question everything that she knows about her life.

“It means that she suddenly has two siblings that she didn’t know about – and they are people who she grew up with!”

And did Carla have any inkling that Johnny might be her father? “No. Johnny has always had his suspicions but obviously never voiced them to anyone.

“Carla’s father wasn’t really around during her upbringing – her mum had a drink problem and her dad was pretty absent, so she didn’t really have a father figure.”

In the wake of the bombshell, the addictive side to Carl’s personality will again resurface and she’ll hit the casino, where she’s soon be joined by Robert, who’s on a downer thanks to his relationship angst with Tracy.

“Yes, Carla reverts to type and heads off to the casino, where she orders a large drink and sets about forgetting all her worries by playing roulette.

“Robert turns up at the casino to drown his own sorrows and, together, they hit a winning streak and celebrate with champagne. And, as they say, one thing leads to another. It’s typical of Carla to press the self-destruct button. She feels worthless, so she makes herself live up to that label.”

And what will this act of infidelity mean for Carla’s current relationship with Nick Tilsley?

“Well, she realises immediately that she’s made a really stupid mistake and she knows what she stands to lose,” says King. “She tells Robert that nobody must find out. She’s engaged to the best man in the world and she’s terrified of losing him.

So, all in all, a grim start to 2016 for the already long-suffering factory boss? “Yes, Carla confides in Michelle, but makes it clear that she’s going to pretend it never happened and get on with her life.

“Johnny’s secret has blown everything apart for her and she may never recover from the consequences.”

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