And the most tweeted-about TV show of 2015 is…

It's not Doctor Who, Bake Off or even Celebrity Big Brother: MTV's Hottest Summer Superstar is officially the most talked-about TV show on Twitter thanks to devoted One Direction fans, while Harry Styles is the most followed UK account ahead of Harry Potter's Emma Watson and Adele

From Nadiya winning The Great British Bake Off to Jenna Coleman leaving Doctor Who, it’s safe to say there’s been plenty to tweet about in the world of TV this year.


But thanks to One Direction fans, the most-tweeted about TV show in 2015 was MTV’s Hottest Summer Superstar.

The music channel ran a social media vote all summer, asking fans to retweet the hashtag #MTVHottest and vote for their Hottest Summer Superstar.

It meant the end the show beat other big-hitting TV hashtags including #CBB, #BBCQT, #XFactor, #GBBO and #DoctorWho.

A record 94,291,338 tweeted for MTV Hottest winners One Direction, with a whopping 635,824,505 tweeted voted in total before the results were announced on 29th August on MTV.

Sorry Mary Berry, not even Bake Off could compete with that.

Top 10 TV trends of 2015

1. #MTVHottest

2. #CBB



5. #XFactor

6. #GBBO

7. #EastEnders (EELive)

8. #Eurovision

9. #BGT

10. #DoctorWho

And it wasn’t just in TV hashtags where 1D took Twitter control. Harry Styles is the most-followed UK individual in 2015, beating the likes of Adele, Harry Potter’s Emma Watson and Stephen Fry, not to mention the man responsible for One Direction, X Factor’s Simon Cowell.

Harry Styles also is responsible for the most retweeted tweet of 2015 – namely this little nugget of wisdom.

Oh, and just in case words aren’t enough to express your 1D adoration, the most-used emoji on Twitter this year is ? (coincidentally, ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ is also Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year – despite not actually being a word).


What we really want to know is, what on earth are people going to tweet about when One Direction take a break next year?