TWO new Doctor Who Christmas special trailers revealed after series 9 finale

"Is there anything on my head?" Peter Capaldi really isn't feeling the Christmas spirit in the promos for The Husbands of River Song


Before we’d even had a chance to recover from the Doctor Who series nine finale, BBC1 decided to hit us with not one but two trailers for the Doctor Who Christmas special.


The snowflakes and sleigh bells were a bit of a gear shift after the deserts of Gallifrey, but at least we got to see the Doctor smiling for a change.

But with Greg Davies’ big headless red robot King Hydroflax apparently the *other* husband of River Song, it’s no wonder the Doctor isn’t exactly feeling the spirit of Christmas.

“Stop holding my hand, people don’t do that to me!” she shouts at River in the preview below. Ah Doctor, still pretending those two hearts are cold are you?

The tone looks decidedly different to the gut-wrenching Hell Bent finale – not that that’s a bad thing. It is Christmas after all.


Doctor Who: The Husbands of River Song will air at 5:15pm on BBC1 on Christmas Day