First full look at Doctor Who’s new sonic screwdriver

UPDATED: The sonic shades are gone, the series nine finale Hell Bent gave us a proper look at their replacement, and now we've been shown the original blueprints for the new design


After almost a whole series on the sidelines, a pair of replacement sunglasses (and a virulent petition to have them removed), the sonic screwdriver has returned to Doctor Who – and it’s had a bit of a makeover.


Gifted to the Doctor by his Tardis at the end of series nine finale Hell Bent, the screwdriver has a much larger end than previous incarnations, and appears to have gone in an even more steampunky direction than its predecessor (including a fancy twirling light effect and a blue colour scheme that kind of resemble the Tardis).

If anyone’s counting, this new incarnation will mark the seventh major design of the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver (not including other characters’ versions of it or the sunglasses).

After the episode aired, Capaldi revealed a little bit more about the new design, including some very cool blueprints of the original prototypes.

If you’re hungry to see it again you won’t have to wait very long – the upgrade looks set to appear in the upcoming Christmas special (as you can see in the episode poster below, where River Song appears to have a similar device).

So it’s goodbye to the wearable tech of the sonic shades, which have stood in since series premiere The Magician’s Apprentice, and welcome back to the venerable sonic screwdriver. We bet there’ll be a petition to reverse the decision within the hour.


Doctor Who will return on Christmas Day