15 tweets that perfectly sum up the reaction to the Doctor Who series 9 finale

New TARDIS, new sonic screwdriver, but so many familiar emotions. Were your eyes wet after Hell Bent?


1. The Doctor playing Clara’s song. This is going to be intense.

2. We’re going to need sustenance for this…

3. But how could we be prepared for this?

4. Heart broken.

5. Twice broken.

6. Not even Hybrid head-scratching can spoil this.

7. Why? Beacuse classic TARDIS.

8. One more look?

9. Plus a promise for the future? We’ll have to see…

10. But it wasn’t just Time Lords regenerating into Time Ladies. Other things were changing too…

11. The sonic screwdriver is back!

12. So, final thoughts?

13. Where does it rank?

14. What else would you like to see?

15. Because this is not the end of a series. It’s the beginning of a whole new journey.

See you at Christmas.