Top ten Doctor Who references in other TV shows

From super subtle nods in the Sherlock credits to Community's Inspector Spacetime, here are the best references to Doctor Who from 10-1

Doctor Who is an institution, so it’s hardly any surprise that it has become a touchstone for references in pop culture, not least other TV shows.


Yet there are some Doctor Who references which are better than others – namely those that aren’t just taking the p**s out of Daleks. But what is the best one? thinks we know so, of course, have compiled our top ten.

Do you have a different list, though? Let us know in the comments below. 

10. The Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang Theory’s references might be so on-the-nose that viewers may never smell again, but there’s no denying their love for Doctor Who.For it gets prime placing in the show’s nerdy TV itinerary, with Sheldon known to get up at 6am to watch the show every day, a Dalek regularly placed on the flat bookshelf, and the group regularly having Who marathons and attending conventions, much to Penny’s disdain.