Peter Capaldi is a grumpy Scrooge in new Doctor Who Christmas special images

Bah humbug, Doctor

“Carol singers will be criticised.” That’s no way to get us into the Christmas spirit is it Doctor?


Peter Capaldi’s pasted TARDIS note is just one of the early presents in these brand new Doctor Who Christmas special images.

River Song returns in style, with a Christmas overcoat that makes her look a teeny weeny bit like Kenny from South Park (they’re not going to kill her are they?).

Whatever, Alex Kingston’s character is dressed to kill as she and the Doctor doll up for a Christmas party. What was that they said about a “sex storm”?

Poor Capaldi’s left holding the bags. Maybe the Doctor’s reunion with his wife isn’t going to be cause for festivities?

We’ve already seen Greg Davies and Matt Lucas, but maybe this image suggests that Lucas is going to be the poor carol singer to feel the Rock Doctor’s wrath?

Don’t worry, it’s not all tinsel and snowflakes: say hello to Flemming, the freakiest butler in Christendom.

River Song might not recognise the Doctor at first, but she clearly still remembers how to fly the TARDIS – and she kept her key…

It’s no brussels sprout, so what is this the Doctor’s holding?


Find out on Christmas Day. Doctor Who: The Husbands of River Song airs on BBC1 at 5:15pm.