Doctor Who introduces a brand new second TARDIS

But does this mean we've seen Clara Oswald time travel in the series before?


After years of solo TARDIS action, Doctor Who has introduced a brand new second time machine to the world of Doctor Who in this week’s series nine finale – then sent it promptly flying off through time and space in the hands of Jenna Coleman’s Clara and Maisie Williams’ Me.


Stolen by the Doctor from Gallifrey, just like his own all those years ago (they should really put a bike lock on those things), the new TARDIS helped him escape from Gallifrey with Clara and head off to even more adventures. Well, until Clara wiped his memory and stole it off him (but in a caring way).

To be honest though, we weren’t taking too much of that plotline in because we were a bit distracted by just how gorgeous the new TARDIS looked.

The second TARDIS interior

A wonderful facsimile of the series’ original control room complete with secondary interior doors and wall roundels (though all in stunning white instead of the greens and greys of First Doctor William Hartnell’s TARDIS), it was a wonderfully retro throwback to the classic days of Doctor Who – as well as an apparent reveal that the Doctor kept the “factory settings” design of his TARDIS for quite a long time.

Like when your nan still has this as her desktop background.

It’s basically this

And while it may have ended up looking like a diner on the outside (complete with a restaurant room inside, apparently) it was also great to see the real no-frills TARDIS exterior, which basically looked like the Orgasmatron from Woody Allen’s Sleeper and was last seen in 2013’s The Day of the Doctor.

Still, it’s not all good news. After a fun debut this week, it seems unlikely we’ll see this TARDIS again as Jenna Coleman has apparently left the series forever, taking the new TT capsule with her.

While she and Me might go off and have adventures together in their sweet new ride, we’ll probably never get to see them.

Unless of course, we already have – because as the Doctor himself pointed out, he’d been in that diner before with companions Amy and Rory (back in 2011 episode The Impossible Astronaut).

Could it be that a time-travelling Clara couldn’t resist dropping back for a visit to an earlier version of the Doctor, perhaps utilising her new TARDIS’s killer disguise and hiding in the back? In other words, did Clara return to Doctor Who years before we even met her?

Possibly featuring Clara Oswald hiding in the toilet

Well, probably not in reality. But definitely in our little Whovian minds.


Doctor Who will return on Christmas Day