Karen Gillan is feeling blue on Guardians of The Galaxy 2 set

The actress famously shaved her head for the first film and is now getting set to bring Nebula back for Round 2

She traded a big blue box for a face full of blue paint when she left the Tardis for the Marvel Universe and Karen Gillan’s only too delighted to be getting back into her notorious blue Nebula mask.


The actress is due to reprise her role as the nefarious Nebula in the upcoming Guardians sequel, due for release in May 2017 and it looks as though she’s already getting into the swing of things.

Gillan took to Twitter to share a snap of her before look, peeking through the beginnings of a big blue face mask.

And she wasn’t the only one either – just a few days ago on-screen sister Gamora ,aka Zoe Saldana, shared a snap of her superhero makeup regime too.

We’d totally wear it to the office Christmas party.


Guardians of The Galaxy 2 is due in UK cinemas in May 2017