Does this new Doctor Who Christmas special picture reveal a returning enemy?

Try not to lose your head with excitement

Two new pictures from the Doctor Who Christmas special have been revealed, and while we’re very excited to get the first look at Greg Davies and Matt Lucas’ characters (as well as another peek at River’s sonic trowel) we’re more interested in a mysterious shadowy figure lurking in the back of one of the images.


Can you spot him? He’s just behind the cyborg face of Davies’ King Hydroflax (above) – and we reckon he could be a returning villain from the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who. To remember which one, you just have to use your head.

Yep, we reckon this fella could be a well-dressed member of the Headless Monks, a cadre of religious warriors with swords who faced off (can you do that without a face?) against the Doctor and friends in 2011 episode A Good Man Goes to War.

Teaming up with Madame Kovarian and The Silence, they attempted to destroy the Time Lord, but only actually succeeded in offing friendly Sontaran Strax (who came back to life anyway).

If we’re right, it seems they’re back, with Davies’ Hydroflax possibly part of their order in some way. After all, the monks recruit members by decapitating people, and he’s a living decapitated head – could his body have been taken for their cause, as happened to the Doctor’s ally Doriam Maldovar in A Good Man Goes to War (his head also lived on afterwards)?  

We’ll have to wait until 25th December to know for sure – but it would certainly explain why Davies seems so angry. And it might take more than the Doctor’s fetching new antlers to cheer him up.


Doctor Who is on BBC1 tomorrow (Saturday 5th December) at 8pm