Watch Matt Berry’s Steven Toast fall in love with Mad Men star Jon Hamm

In tonight’s episode of Channel 4’s Toast of London the bombastic luvvie falls hook line and sinker for the charismatic star

Matt Berry’s Steven Toast is an actor who has little truck for his fellow thesps – until he meets Mad Men star Jon Hamm.


In tonight’s episode of Toast of London, Toast expresses his firm belief that “charisma” is a myth. But he swiftly changes his mind when he meets Hamm in the episode which is entitled, appropriately enough, Hamm on Toast. 

Ever since exclusively revealed that Hamm would be appearing in the comedy, the Mad Men actor’s fans have been eagerly waiting for his cameo. And I can happily report that it is a triumph with “Hamm” – as the man behind Don Draper is referred to throughout – being fabulously poker-faced.

The US star, who is a fan of British comedy, was approached to appear in the episode which also features Brian Blessed playing Toast’s father, Gonville. 

“He likes his comedy but he certainly didn’t ask us,” said Berry’s co-writer Arthur Mathews with a laugh.

Berry told that Hamm got quite a culture shock when he arrived for filming.

“The funny thing was, Hamm had just flown in from the States overnight, so he was on the plane, asleep, then more or less wakes up and is shunted onto set… In front of Brian Blessed.”

“So he gets the full effect of Brian Blessed while he’s jet-lagged,” added Arthur Matthews.

And what did the Mad Men star make of the great Blessed?

“We didn’t ask him!,” said Berry with a chuckle. 


Toast of London episode 3 “Hamm on Toast” is on Channel 4 tonight at 10.30pm