Tom Hiddleston will pluck your heartstrings in first trailer for I Saw the Light

The British actor's US accent sounds pretty darn good as he appears as country music star Hank Williams

It was a brave choice to pick Tom Hiddleston to play country music legend Hank Williams in biopic I Saw the Light.


The actor is best known to US audiences for his Avengers comic capers and debonair British accent. How would he cope with that Alabama country twang?

Judging by this first trailer for I Saw The Light, Hiddleston’s handled it pretty darned well.

From the very first bars of Williams classic Hey, Good Lookin, you kind of know everything will be alright.


This is just the trailer, of course. We’ll have to wait until March next year to be sure. But based on this first look, the Brit done good.