Someone animated a Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster and it’s brilliantly weird

It’s the gif that keeps on giving

Strange as it may seem, someone has found a way to make the epic poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens even more exciting – by animating it into the weirdest tableau a galaxy far, far away has ever seen.


Featuring all the major players from the upcoming episode VII (except Luke Skywalker obvs), the poster looks like it started out as a more serious animation before getting a bit out of hand.

Whether it’s Finn’s suggestively floppy lightsaber, the Terry Gilliam-esque espresso machine in Kylo Ren’s head or even just Rey’s mad eyes, it’s a brilliantly bizarre take on the characters we’ll get to know in a couple of weeks.

That said, we’re not too happy with one aspect of the design. Han Solo should ALWAYS shoot first.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in UK cinemas on 17th December