Don’t Tell the Bride is moving to Sky 1

The reality show was one of BBC3's greatest hits — and now it's getting hitched to a new channel


Don’t Tell the Bride, one of BBC3’s greatest hits, is moving to Sky 1 from the summer of 2016.


The show, in which grooms plan their wedding without the help of their fiancés, already underwent changes when it moved to BBC1 in July this year, but now it will be walking off into the sunset with an entirely new channel.

In a statement, Sky1 told fans of the show to “get set for more outrageous stag antics, bridal fashion fails and pushy bridesmaids aplenty as more intrepid grooms set out to plan the perfect wedding for their anxious brides-to-be.”

Sarah May, the series’ executive producer, added, “I’ve been part of this show since the very first episode, and it’s the dreams and expectations of the young couple brave enough to take on the Don’t Tell the Bride challenge that really makes this series what it is, and will continue to be the foundation of the show as it moves to Sky.”

When the series moved to BBC1 while BBC3 prepared for an online move, the show said it aimed to feature a “wider range of brides and grooms”.

But May’s comment that the series will focus on the “young couple” might hint at the show will be returning to its roots when it airs on Sky1.


The new series is expected to air in summer 2016.