Neighbours: Piper attacks another student with a lighter, plus Lou returns and reveals that he’s on the run

7-11 December 2015: Plus Jimmy pleads with Sheila to tell him the truth about his dad. And Imogen confronts Daniel over his dishonest selling techniques

Monday 7 December


Paul confesses to Steph that he is the one behind the campaign of harassment against her, but instead of going to the police she uses it as leverage. Lou turns up after having disappeared in Cambodia and tells Lauren that he is on the run after a dodgy business deal. Paige accepts Markʼs heartfelt marriage proposal, despite her doubts about their relationship. Terese acknowledges the part she played in the breakdown of her marriage. 

Tuesday 8 December

After a heart-to-heart, Brad and Terese decide that too much damage has been done and the best thing to do is for Brad to move out. Lou feels the heat when he learns from Lauren that a man claiming to be his friend from Cambodia has been looking for him. Feeling guilty for doubting Steph, Sonya leaps at the chance to make amends and invites her to move into the Rebecchi house. 

Wednesday 9 December

Sonya is taken aback when she witnesses Steph and Toadieʼs unbreakable bond first hand. Daniel plays loose and fast with the truth when he tries to get Nate to buy into the Freestyle Estate. When Sheila unwittingly tips Jimmy off about his dadʼs criminal past, he appeals to her to tell him the truth. 

Thursday 10 December

Imogen confronts Daniel over his dubious selling technique. Paul discovers that he has a huge tax bill to pay and starts liquidising his assets. Piper is nervous about returning to school and tries to convince her parents that she should not go back. Jimmy is rocked when he finds out the truth about his dad and lashes out at Kyle, but after a heart-to-heart he reluctantly gives Kyle and Amy his blessing. 


Friday 11 December

After her latest stunt at school, a furious Terese lays down the law with Piper, much to her and Bradʼs surprise. Amberʼs doubts about Joshʼs parenting skills come to a head and she tells him that until he can get himself together she does not want him to be alone with Matilda. A figure from the past returns to give Paige and Mark a nasty shock.