I’m A Celebrity day 14: Why does it always rain on Tony Hadley?

The Spandau Ballet star struggled after Lady C's tongue lashing, while the campmates enjoyed a Sunday "sausage fest" and Brian Friedman headed home


It’s been a bumpy jungle ride for Spandau Ballet star and former Celebrity MasterChef contender Tony Hadley. In fact, you could say his I’m A Celeb experience has been anything BUT gold thus far.


First he found himself in the middle of a sexism row after suggesting the ladies would be better at the washing than our Dunky, then he caused a stir in camp when he refused to serve Lady C, and last, but by no means least, he got a right tongue lashing from the aristocrat herself.

Hadley called her out for flinging a beetle on the fire on Saturday so she retaliated by labeling him a “fat slob” and telling him he didn’t “even have a particularly good voice”.

Yep, we’re definitely all adults here..

“He’s not entitled to voice his opinion at my expense”, Lady C shrilled the morning after the night before to Kieron Dyer, who did his best to defend Hadley from the off.

But Tony’s torment wasn’t over yet, as he found himself in the middle of a playground popularity contest before the next bushtucker trial.

Camp leader Vicky Pattison but an eager Duncan Bannatyne forward for the two player game, but he wasn’t keen on picking Tony as his team mate. And while Duncan and the campers seemed to back George Shelley and Kieron Dyer, Hadley looked just a wee bit heartbroken.

“For me, it turned into who was the most popular between Tony and Kieron and not about who was the best” Vicky mused in the Bush Telegraph, after Kieron helped Hadley’s campaign by voting for him to take the challenge.

“I thought I’d get more meals if I was with Duncan but it’s not about that, it’s about the lift” said Kieron, while Pattison predicted the world wouldn’t end if Hadley struggled to bring home the bacon.

“What’s the worst that could happen? We eat rice and beans and have another argument, we’ve been through worse”.

Imagine their surprise then, when the 55-year-old former frontman bossed his way through a series of challenges inside a perspex box and brought home no less than 9 of a possible 11 meals?

Well, you’ll have to imagine it – they were too busy hugging a bruised and battered Duncan to notice that Tony had proved he could really go for gold. Then again, Vicky did admit she had a crush on the Dragon, so maybe the ladies just wanted an excuse to cuddle up to him.

Twitter didn’t miss a trick, though, with some viewers actually showing a bit of support for the Spandau Ballet singer for the first time in what felt like forever.

Others weren’t quite so sure he deserved any sympathy though…

Ferne and George did their best to make the Spandau Ballet singer feel indestructible by having him star as a phone in guest on their jungle radio show, which served as an audition for post jungle opportunities, no doubt.

Any lack of faith in Hadley went right out the window when the campers were quickly evacuated following a jungle deluge of biblical proportions.

And when dinner arrived, there were smiles all round thanks to a “sausage fest” of a Sunday supper, whipped up by Ferne and Brian.

It’s no wonder our Tony was so sad when Friedman was evicted, asking what on earth the camp would do without its chef.

Well, Tony, perhaps now is the perfect time to suddenly remember something important? Like the fact that you were, shock horror, actually on Celebrity MasterChef. And quite possibly could whip up a meal for your camp mates?


Always believe it.