11 British words that make Americans think of something totally different

Rubber, biscuit and jumper conjour up all sorts of images across the pond...




When Brits talk about using a dummy to comfort their baby, Americans must imagine all sorts of unnerving scenes.

If Americans dunk biscuits in their tea, all they get is savoury bread floating around in their mug. It’s not quite the same is it? A nice chat, a cup of tea and… a wet scone. 

When Brits keep going on about knitwear, Americans are imagining a long-legged basket baller being able to leap to impressive heights. Yeah, that’s why your friends were so reluctant to see that action film Jumper with Hayden Christensen. It was probably very good but who wants to see a whole movie about warm clothing?

The Brit: “Can I borrow a rubber?”

The American: “erm, ok. What, now? This is really quite an inappropriate request for an arts and crafts session.”

This could cause a pretty awkward situation at a black tie wedding…

A good reason not to try transatlantic sexting.

“Trolleys in a supermarket? Trolleys inside the airport? How lazy are these Brits?!”

Yeah, she’s smart in that dress. But she’s not smart.

“Are you sure that’s what you want with your burger, sir?”

When Brits get complimented by Americans on their “amazing new pants”…


“Why does everyone keep saying how angry they are in nightclubs? We’re just having a good time dancing!”