This heartwarming fan letter to The Doctor was found hidden in a Beatles book

Move over Amelia Pond, there's another little girl waiting for her Raggedy Man to take her on an adventure in space and time

When Doctor Who fan Brett Stewart bought a copy of A Photographic History of The Beatles from a used book seller for $5 the last thing he expected to find inside was a letter that could have been written by Amelia Pond herself.


Stewart claims he was flipping through the book when he came across a piece of paper between the pages.

“My dearest Doctor” the note began. “How strange it seems to write you. Like a child writing to Santa. You’re fictional, after all. Nonexistent, made up, invented, pure pretend – and yet, you have impacted my life more heavily than anyone living ever has changed me, Doctor.”

“You’ve taught me to cherish each day, to stand up for what’s right, to never solve problems with anger or weapons, to banish hatred, covet knowledge, laugh, love, smile, and live” it continued. “That’s it! You’ve taught me to live!”

Stewart was so impressed by the note, handwritten by someone known only as Ariel, that he decided to scan it and post it online for all to see.

“I wish so terribly that I could travel with you” Ariel writes. “I sit on the patio at night with all the stars above me and I can almost imagine what it’d feel like to travel through all of time, all of space, whirling and whizzing past galaxies with my Doctor and his box.”

“And, of course, it’s silly, because you aren’t real… but… it’s still so wonderfully lovely to pretend, you know?”

We do know, Ariel. And many Who fans just like you do too. Someone on Reddit even thinks you should be the next companion.


Stewart has yet to locate the mysterious Ariel – who knows if Ariel is even a real person? – but you can read a full transcript of the rather delightful and detailed letter to the Doctor in his original post.