Luther is back on the hunt in the first trailer for series four

Game of Thrones' Rose Leslie and Dirk Gently's Darren Boyd join Idris Elba in the new, dark and dangerous two-part series

The first trailer for Luther is here, and this time, his reputation precedes him.

Idris Elba’s maverick cop is set to return in a two-part series of 60-minute episodes this December. Luther has been keeping his distance in a rural cottage on the edge of England, but is brought back from the wilderness when the Met bring him a horrific piece of news.

Just for good measure, there’s also a cannibal killer on the loose, so Luther has his work well and truly cut out. But, as the new trailer shows, he’s got help in the form of DS Emma Lane (Game of Thrones’ Ygritte) and Theo Bloom (Spy’s Darren Boyd). 

Welcome back to the brink, Luther… 

Luther returns at 9pm on Tuesday 15th December on BBC1