Lord Sugar furious as The Apprentice’s Charleine tries to leave the boardroom early

The feisty candidate thought she was off the hook, but had to make a sheepish return to her chair after tonight's party planning task

The Apprentice candidate Charleine Wain has won at least one thing during this year’s series: the award for the most awkward boardroom exit. 


Charleine was part of this week’s losing team Versatile and had just finished detailing all the reasons she wasn’t to blame for their failed attempt at party planning* (*aka screaming a lot). 

Thinking she was off the hook – project manager Gary eventually deciding to bring team members Joseph and David back into the boardroom – Charleine merrily wished them luck and set about leaving the boardroom. 

But then came the fateful words of aide Claude Littner: “Where do you think you’re going?”

Cue seriously uncomfortable return to her chair.

Look up the meaning of wanting the ground to swallow you up and this gif might as well be there

But, while it looked like she really might as well have kept walking and gone straight into the waiting taxi outside – Lord Sugar said he didn’t like her “presumptuous manner” – Charleine lives to yell another day, with teammate David shown the door instead.

Next week, perhaps a spot of velcro on her chair?


The Apprentice continues next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1