I’m A Celebrity day 9: The Cult of Lady C and the strife of Brian

Battle lines have been drawn as the choreographer and Lady C both run the gauntlet to become the Jungle VIP

There’s only room for one Regina George of The Jungle in the I’m A Celebrity Camp so, with two powerful characters fighting it out to rule the roost, is it any wonder Camp Croc looked set to snap under the weight of the pressure on day nine?


Tony Hadley, Jorgie Porter and Duncan Bannatyne may have served their time in the leader’s chair but you don’t have to be a genius to work out that Brian Friedman and Lady Colin Campbell may as well permanently perch there.

Choreographer Brian’s quest for camp domination didn’t go un-noted amid the celebrations of Ferne McCann’s Bushtucker Trial victory. Straight talking Vicky deemed him a “control freak” while Bannatyne argued that Friedman already thought he was in charge of the camp.

And the viewers noticed it too.

“I want that chair, I love being the boss it’s a better position for me,” said Brian, “I’m meant to lead not follow.”

And perhaps that’s why he decided to stir the pot when it came to the Cult of Lady C, the new collective name he gave to Lady Colin Campbell, Chris Eubank and Kieron Dyer.

“The three of them, they’re like a giggly cult. It’s the whispering,” said Brian, who we can’t help but note does his fair share of whispering and giggling too…

There’s only room for one Queen Bee and their giggling minions in camp, though.

And when Tony and Jorgie decided not to do their bell boy and chambermaid duties – serving Lady C, Chris Eubank and Kieron Dyer, who’d scored a night in the jungle boutique hotel by winning the day’s dingo dollars task – it didn’t take a genius to work out who’d won this Mean Girls-eque round.

“I’ll jump off anything, I’ll eat anything but I don’t want to wear that and I’m not going to serve anybody,” protested Tony ‘I forgot I was on Celebrity MasterChef’ Hadley. “That ain’t my style.”

But if anyone other than Lady C, Kieron and Chris – who was rather sad that the celebs hadn’t hugged him on the way to his trial – had been the one asking Hadley to do the job, would he have been up for playing the game like a good jungle sport?

That was the question.

“You can’t say you’re not doing it because it’s a demeaning game when you’ve signed up for the game, when you’re eating testicles and you expect Lady C to bring you meals every day,” Kieron protested.

“If I’m chosen [for the next trial] it’s going to happen. If I’m chosen I’m going to go down and I’m going to say to Ant and Dec and the great British public exactly what I have to say,” Lady C proclaimed, stating her intent to never again win a meal for the camp mates who wouldn’t take part.

“And then I’m going to sail back up and they’re going to ask how it went and I’m going to say it went the way it should have. Justice prevailed. No one is going to eat. They had the sacrifice in the name of solidarity. But they need to be taught a lesson.”

Luckily she didn’t have take her stand, because Brian was selected by the public to face the Critter Shop of Horrors.

Now, today’s Wednesday so, tell us, who’ll be wearing pink?


I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues on ITV on Wednesday at 9pm